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Ryan Brogan

Making the decision to license the product was an easy decision after a trial, which led to a successfully recruited client. Contact Out has tripled the yield to our InMail strategy traditionally exclusively on LinkedIN, which isn’t delivering us ROI anymore. Great product!

Jared Saks

Contactout is a game-changing extension. I would strongly recommend this for anyone in sales/recruitment. It is the most accurate email finding tool I've used.

Katherine Jensen

Contactout has the highest return rates of accurate emails. Having the ability to directly message our potential candidates increased our response rates significantly, and we’ve reclaimed 390+ man-hours per annum, we’d highly recommend it to other firms.

Contactout is used by recruiters at 30% of the fortune500

Two times better
than Linkedin

People are twice as likely to respond to their email compared to Linkedin messages and reply in up to 85% less time.

World's bestrecruiting intelligence

Our AI engine is able to find emails for 75% of the western world. Two times more than any competitor.


(300+ Reviews)
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